Rasiya Restaurant, Blacktown

About Us:
Mother Earth blessed with elements that sustain and nourishes life are abundantly present in nature. Millions of civilisations have discovered the secrets of these life elements passing down the knowledge from generation to generation. The essence of these life elements is the “Ras” and humans are endowed with the sense of relishing this “Ras”. But be not mistaken - the creator of all “Ras” and the true relisher of all “Ras” is the Prime “Rasiya”. We the humans are just the channels of the “Rasiya” to be amazed by the wondrous beatitude of nature and feel blessed to play our part in this creation of the “Rasiya”… Rasiya Food Services presents some of these elements of nature creating food that amaze the senses, showcase the “Ras” (essence) and nourishes the body. Our purpose is to serve flavoursome food that is authentic in taste and bring back memories of that simple life where food was the social bonding factor - those laughters, those joys, those stories shared with friends and family while enjoying a good meal together. Rasiya Food Services brings together the delicacies of Indian subcontinent that have evolved over centuries and are continuously getting re-invented and re-discovered by amalgamation of cultures. Authentic Indian Cuisine made by a team of professional chefs with decades of experience. Catering, party hall and dine-in available. Contact us on 0255662148
Unit-3/10 Third Avenue, BLACKTOWN, NSW 2148
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