About Us

A New Australia’s Own Start Up, Dealwala is a discount coupon application that enables vendors to promote their business while offering customers discounted prices on their purchases, including from the vendors themselves via Wholesaler Marketplace.

Deal Wala is a discount coupon application designed to help vendors promote their businesses by offering attractive discount prices on their products or services. It provides a user-friendly interface that vendors can use to create and customize their coupons, set expiration dates, and track the usage and redemption of their coupons. Customers can easily browse through a wide range of coupons and redeem them using their smartphones. Deal Wala is an affordable and effective marketing solution for businesses of all sizes, helping vendors reach a wider audience, increase their customer base, and generate more revenue. Join the Deal Wala community today to support local businesses and save on your purchases.


Deal Wala's mission is to connect businesses and customers through discount coupons while promoting growth and success. They aim to provide affordable and effective marketing solutions for businesses to attract customers and increase revenue, and a seamless shopping experience for customers. Deal Wala focuses on creating a collaborative platform that fosters innovation, social responsibility, and economic growth in local communities. Their mission is to empower both businesses and customers to achieve their goals while creating a community-driven discount coupon application.


Deal Wala's vision is to create a lively community where businesses and customers can connect and mutually benefit. They aim to be the top choice for customers seeking deals and businesses looking to promote their offerings to a larger audience. Deal Wala wants to make the coupon experience effortless, enjoyable, and convenient for everyone. They believe in supporting local businesses and helping them grow by providing cost-effective marketing solutions. By empowering businesses of all sizes, they hope to enable them to reach their full potential and flourish in their respective communities.