Great Aunty Three

About Us:
My grandmother is the culinary queen in our family. Every time I go to Vietnam everybody talks about her food, about the successful restaurant she owned, they rave on about it, I still hear it!” – Michael, creator of Great Aunty Three – Vietnamese street food in Sydney’s Enmore. Growing up in an old-fashioned Vietnamese household, great importance was placed on traditional family recipes and shared mealtimes. On his first trip back to Can Tho in exploration of his roots, Michael came across the phenomenon of street food, the spark that ignited his entrepreneurial idea. Wanting to capture that experience and bring it to Australia, Michael reshaped his career and forfeited the stability of a 9 to 5 job in favour of starting his own business. Armed with the knowledge and recipes from his Grandmother Ba (which in Vietnamese means ‘three’), and support from his mother, Michael began drafting a plan to open what would later become Great Aunty Three. Established 2011.
115 Enmore Rd, ENMORE, NSW 2042
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