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Like you, we're passionate about health. In 2004, one of our co-founders, Michael Pang, had such a burning desire to help natural health practitioners that he started consultancy business Alternative Health Business Solutions that had the singular purpose of helping practitioners grow their business by implementing effective marketing strategies and innovative business processes. In 2005, Michael merged Alternative Health Business Solutions with Natural Therapy Pages with the idea that it should be easier for people to find complementary health and wellness services and information online. Finding services online such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Reflexology, Homeopathy and Naturopathy proved challenging for many people at that time - so the team was laser-focused on combining emerging technology with good old-fashioned service to innovate the way people sought out natural health practitioners. In June 2020, Michael Pang and Tim Veron purchased Natural Therapy Pages outright, with a bold ambition to transform modern healthcare and create the leading Allied and Complementary Health ecosystem in Australia. Today, Natural Therapy Pages is the most visited natural health site across Australia, NZ and the UK. Every day, our growing team works to connect a community of health-conscious people — 200,000+ monthly visitors — with more than 15,000 natural health practitioners and courses in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Our team is based all over the world, with team members across Australia, Asia and Europe. We're all laser-focused on our core company mission: to leverage technology to help people discover and learn about the best allied and complementary health solutions for them We're guided and driven by our five core company values:
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