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About Us:
Ngo & Sons was founded in the 1990s by Dr. Truong Ngo's father, a famous Vietnamese mathematician. Mr. Vong Tu Ngo taught in many of the top-tier schools in Vietnam from the 1950s through to the 70s. Mr Vong Tu Ngo was educated in South Vietnam where he was one of the first to graduate in education and mathematics with a university higher degree. As a result of his outstanding academic excellence, Mr. Vong Tu Ngo had the opportunity to pursue his tertiary studies in Medicine, Engineering, or Teaching. With a passion for Mathematics and Teaching, this is exactly what Mr Ngo chose. After the completion of his tertiary studies in teaching, Mr. Vong Tu Ngo was invited to teach at the age of 21 at Gia Long, the leading school in Vietnam together with 16 other private schools. He has been the author of numerous textbooks on advanced calculus and trigonometry.
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